40 Days Of Dating


For 40 Days of Dating, Rugged & Proey edited all text provided by the two principals, often with less than 12 hours' lead time. 


In addition to managing its online store, R&P handles the social media presence for STAG, one of GQ Magazine's top 10 independent menswear stores in the United States. 


In the past, R&P provided the copy for the Fresa's investment packet. Currently, we're reimagining their social media presence in conjunction with Arts and Recreation

Launderette & Larder

We wrote the copy for the investment packet for Launderette & Larder, a new dining and retail concept in Austin opening in 2014.

Engines Roar

We've done lots of stuff for Engines Roar over the years, mostly in the way of brainstorming, naming, and branding.